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I am a Research Fellow in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds. My research interest is in robotic manipulation, manipulation planning, motion planning and motion control. I have previously completed my PhD in Computing at the University of Leeds in the UK and I have a Computer Science background.

Research Overview

I envision a future where robots coexist with humans in dynamic environments to empower and improve the quality of their lives. For example, consider the figure above, where a robot assists a motor-impaired person with daily tasks. The robot needs to retrieve the orange juice bottle from the back of a cluttered fridge. Other obstacles, at the front of the fridge, prevent the robot from directly reaching and grasping the object successfully. The robot needs to find a plan to manipulate those objects, perhaps by safely pushing them away, to create the required space to reach and grasp the orange juice bottle.


Research Fellow

University of Leeds (2021-Today)
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I am currently working on an exciting UKRI/EPSRC funded project in robotic manipulation.

  • I conduct research in relevant areas of the project and develop novel algorithms to tackle challenging problems in Robotic manipulation.
  • I oversee the development, integration and testing of algorithms in the robotic system.
  • I teach a robotics module to final year undergrads.

Software Developer

Cimlogic (2015-2016)
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I spent a year working in industry for a software development firm.

  • I worked with a range of Microsoft technologies, including C#, SQL Server, and ASP.NET.
  • Practiced agile methodologies to software development.
  • Contributed to software development for big companies.


Doctor of Philosophy, PhD

School of Computing, University of Leeds (2017-2021)
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  • Research focus: robotics; robotic manipulation; physics-based motion planning; motion control.
  • Recipient of a UKRI-EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) full scholarship.

B.Sc. Computer Science (Industrial)

School of Computing, University of Leeds (2013-2017)
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  • My individual final year project investigated and implemented a robot cashier and was awarded the Buckley prize.
  • Received the Head of School award.