COMP3631: Intelligent Systems and Robotics

2021-Today University of Leeds

I teach a module to final year Computing and Mechatronics undergrads. The module is comprised of two areas, Computer Vision and Robotics. I teach the Robotics part of the module.

I teach about general robotics concepts and how to program a robot using the Robot Operating System (ROS). Some of the topics we cover in the module are:

  1. The Robot Operating System (ROS)
  2. Motion Planning
  3. Motion Control
  4. Configuration Spaces
  5. Robotic Arm Planning
  6. Locomotion
  7. Kinematics
  8. Spatial Transformations
  9. Localisation and Mapping

The module is taught to roughly 180 students per semester, due to class size constraint. The module is comprised of a major examination and a group project where you are expected to program a mobile robot to perform certain tasks. Students are expected to program robots in simulation and deploy the code onto a real robot, if they wish to. Access to real-robots are provided.